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Unschooling - a trend ? [Online Live Event]

Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality, or so used to think Henry Fielding. Not discussing the fact it might be slightly exaggerated, there is a trend in today education which has found a way to avoid any potential negative input from schooling, it is simply not to got to school.

Unschooling is not new, it exists since the 70’s, the term was first used by John Holt. With the current education crisis, it might sometime seems as an attractive way to avoid some of the problems school is creating.

Around this topic Kate Fridkis, Monika Hardy, Lisa Nielsen, and Clark Aldrich are holding a panel on the topic after tomorrow, Thu. 2 jun @ 12:00 AM GMT (Pretty late for those on the european side of the puddle). This webinar will feature a panel moderated by Steve Hargadon. Based on Clark’s recently-published book, Unschooling Rules, the conversation will cover innovative methods of education that can be found in home-schooling and unschooling, and how those principles could be applied to public school settings. More on:

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